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Jack Moffitt jack at icecast.org
Fri Dec 8 09:19:43 PST 2000

encoder for the mac now available.


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Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 23:54:57 -0600
From: Mathew Caughron <mat at proteron.com>
To: Jack Moffitt <jack at icecast.org>
Cc: Sam Caughron <scaughron at home.com>, Neill Mollard <nmollard at mac.com>
Subject: Ogg Vorbis


Saw your posting below on the pho list.

Proteron now has a nicely working Ogg audio encoder with a high-quality 
interface on the Mac in N2MP3 Pro.

Please spread the word among vorbis folks that we're looking for beta 

Works well for me in combination with player Unsanity Echo.

Although N2MP3 will cost around $60 retail, the ogg part is free for all.

Best Regards,

Mat Caughron
Proteron LLC

>> should work to better Vorbis because:  (a) it's fun; (b) the corporate
>> ownership of codecs is, on a certain level, similar to the corporate
>> ownership of language; and (c) if enough coders help out, Vorbis will be the
>> best and most efficient codec by far and they will have helped create it? 
>we haven't stopped working on it, for exactly those reasons.  we don't
>want money from just anyone either.
>having an understanding corporation fund parts of the projects makes it
>faster, since we can spend more time on it, and really beneficial to the
>benefactor(s) because they have good technology to build from.
>open source is about cooperative development.  no one ever said that
>companies couldn't cooperate.

Mathew Caughron                                       mat at proteron.com
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