[vorbis-dev] Some scratches with beta3

Guillaume Cottenceau gc at mandrakesoft.com
Fri Dec 8 09:38:35 PST 2000


I have included the oggvorbis encoding and playback stuff in the
Linux-Mandrake distro back in August 2000. At that time I put the "nightly
CVS" version, which worked just fine.

Then on Mon Nov 27 I noticed some RPM's labelled "1.0beta3" on the website
so I upgraded with these ones.

Since then we have had some serious problems in encoding: approx 20% of
the WAV streams produce some scratches at the beginning or the end of the
OGG file. Here's an example of file which have some trouble with 160 kbps;
also tried compiling removing fast-math and decreasing opts:


- this example fails only for -b 160, some pbs occured also with -b 128 on
  some other files

- tried with today's "nightly CVS snapshot", same problem :-(

- tried with the older, 20000904 CVS snapshot, the encoding produced a
  correct output:


Guillaume Cottenceau - http://us.mandrakesoft.com/~gc/

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