[vorbis-dev] Ports

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Wed Dec 27 20:16:09 PST 2000

>No, this isn't the case here. The server is Apache for OS/2 which doesn't
>to text file translation. I've verified this by using a http download tool
>on the same url & the resulting file was perfectly playable.
>I really just wanted to know if streaming was working in general so that
>I'd know if it was worth bothering with trying to make it work.

That's extremely strange, then. Your description of what went wrong is
_exactly_ what I'd expect to see if this was a text-mangling problem. If
the data is being delivered at all (which it presumably is, otherwise I
guess you'd have said something), and this isn't happening, I can't think
of anything else that could possibly cause this problem. 

Could you try an ugly hack to ogg123 - without otherwise significantly
changing the code, make it dump the http output to a file. Then a) try to
play the file, and b) see if it has had text-mangling happening to it. 


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