[vorbis-dev] Ogg Drop Suggestion

Cherniavsky Beni cben at crosswinds.net
Sun Dec 24 02:19:03 PST 2000

Lars Brubaker wrote:
> Is there any particular person in charge of ogg drop.
> It would be nice if when compressing 1 channel audio it would 1/2 the sample
> rate that is requested.
> It would also be great if one could set the output sample rate.
> Bit Rate >
>         ...
> Sample Rate >
>         Same As Source (default)
>         44050
>         22025
>         (I don't know what other rates vorbis supports)
> Num Channels >
>         Same As Source (default)
>         2
>         1
> I would love to write these things but I don't want to spend the time if it
> won't be of help to the maintainer of this utility.
> Lars.

I would like this too, particullarly the automatic half-rating on mono.

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