[vorbis-dev] Tarkin video codec?

Ralph Giles giles at ashlu.bc.ca
Tue Dec 19 15:50:31 PST 2000

On Tue, 19 Dec 2000 23:20:42 +0100 Lourens Veen <jsr at dds.nl> wrote:

> Me again, this time not about patents but about wavelets. I've been
> doing some work on an image compression method which uses Haar wavelets
> plus VQ and entropy coding, and Segher Boessenkool told me in a private
> message that you are also doing a video codec. So I searched the
> archives and read a bunch of posts, but I never did find out any web
> address. And it's not on xiph.org either. So what happened to this
> project?

Well, xiph.org has always said they want to do a video codec after vorbis
is up and running. So far there's no code. Jack and company say they have
done some test work[1] but never released the code. I've been urging
people to just start from scratch; there's enough info in the list
archives to duplicate the part they've written and a number of new
directions to try. Whether such a project becomes tarkin or not is I
suppose subject to consensus here and among the xiphophorus people.

The website is poorly maintained, so don't take the lack of mention there
as an indication in interest. Discussion is certainly welcome on this
list, and all that's publicly known is in the archives. I've also tried to
maintain a roadmap[2] of sorts which you may find useful.

Beyond that, I'd suggest studying the design of the vorbis codec, in
particular the codebook implementation; I understand it's smart. :) Then
experiment with different partition and transform schemes to find
something appropriately general both both compresses well and offers some
scalability. The approach of settling on a decoder design and putting all
the smarts in the encoder seems to have served us (and Sorensen) well so

Hope that helps,

[1] http://www.xiph.org/archives/vorbis-dev/200008/0327.html
[2] http://http://snow.ashlu.bc.ca/ogg/todo.html

giles at ashlu.bc.ca

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