[vorbis-dev] Trying to build on Windows (Part 2)

Jonathan Blow jon at bolt-action.com
Sat Dec 16 18:12:27 PST 2000

Lars Brubaker wrote:

> Monty, I'm looking to use Vorbis as the primary audio decompresser for Star
> Trek Away Team being published by Activision.  We are in beta now and will
> be shipping late January.  Do you think there is any reason that Vorbis
> won't be up to the task at that time?  It seems to be sufficient for our
> needs as is. I'm just looking for the inside scoop.  It's either Vorbis or
> else we license Miles Sound System for 3,000$ it has an MP3 license.

I am using vorbis right now for sound decompression for a game
(Barbaric Smackdown).  It works fine *except* for a clicking noise that
is being introduced into one of the sound effects, which I am led to believe 
is a beta 3 bug that is being fixed (if not then I will bug Monty about it!)

I did a product review of Miles a little over a year ago for gdmag.
It's good but it's a bit old.  

Anyway, Vorbis is working great for me so far.  With an un-optimized audio
manager system I can stream 3-4 compressed sounds (music track, 3
ambient sounds) using only 5% of the CPU on an Athlon 500.  Aside from
that I use it to uncompress a whole slew of sound effects into pcm files
at install time.
> And on a technical note:
> The DLLs that we are building need to always be the same calling convention,
> currently they are CDECL.  My project is building fastcall so I need them
> all declared CDECL.
> Can we put something like this into os.h?

Umm... can't you just make this a compiler switch?  You're using Visual C++ 6
right?  That seems better than mucking up the source files.


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