[vorbis-dev] patents and separate entropy coding

Bruno Barreto brunobarreto at globo.com.br
Fri Dec 15 12:47:26 PST 2000

> Jack, do you think it's a good idea to post my detailed patent reading
> we did as a first round for the original IP work?  It's good meat, but
> would potentially be giving the meat of our argument away to Thomson
> if this ever does come to litigation

I agree you could be giving the meat of your arguments away...
But i think at this differently... I know one thing... IF Vorbis had the
out now open to the public (i for one don't know where i can get it, let me
if it's out already) and IF vorbis developers had made clear their points of
they are absolutely sure vorbis does not infringe any patent, then i'm sure
those people that today post their concerns about vorbis future against
sues, would be completely convinced and relaxed about vorbis being clearly
infringing any patents. Fhg and Thompson would not sue xiph, if they knew
it is clear to most people on the internet who deal with audio, that vorbis
does not
infringe any patents indeed. Now you see... As it is not clear for many of
us, if that
is acctually true, how can we expect that this would also be clear to "Henri
Linde " Thompson's
vice president, who said you were infringing thomson's patents? If it had
reached his ears
that it's widely avaiable in vorbis site, how vorbis acctually does not
infringe the patents,
he would not have said that coz he'd knew that there was a proof that what
he was saying was wrong.

In other words, Monty, i'd guess that posting your detailed patent reading,
and your arguments,
would calm things down, and would seal Fhg and thompson's mouths, in my

I fear that if this is not done, you could be giving them space to sue you
guys, and thus, putting away
investors possibly, and maybe putting vorbis project at risk, if xiph runs
out of batteries...

Machado, Bruno.

Keeping our fingers crossed ;) - "Aleksandar Dovnikovic"

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