[vorbis-dev] Channel coupling in Vorbis

Ralph Giles giles at snow.ashlu.bc.ca
Mon Aug 14 15:33:22 PDT 2000

On Mon, 14 Aug 2000, Jean-Marc Valin wrote:

> I saw from the interview on Slashdot that there is no support for channel
> coupling in Vorbis. I would like to help work on that. Has anything been started
> about that? I don't know yet whether if could work "in real life", but I have
> started to work on a way to do adaptative coupling between two channels (by
> finding the best transformation to predict one channel from the other).

As I understand it, the plan is to implement joint stereo and surround at
the same time, based on ambisonic encoding. You should check the list
archives, but there hasn't been much discussion; I've no idea what Monty
intends as far as compression of the channels.

David Carter's original proposal is at:


And there's some good background at the ambisonics website:


> I would like to know whether I can be useful. I have some experience in audio
> processing/coding (mostly speech).

Hope that helps,

giles at ashlu.bc.ca

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