[vorbis-dev] Thoughts on vorbisfile

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Fri Apr 21 20:21:24 PDT 2000

>I like this a lot -- the main reason why I never looked at vorbisfile
>seriously is streaming -- when the data doesn't come from a file. If this
>shows up in cvs then I will just use that interface and not bother to deal
>more with the pcm integer patch...

This got checked in yesterday - the kmpg plugin has an example of how it
works, but I'm not sure if it works 100%. It's pretty simple, but if you
need an example I'll get one together (I'll probably end up doing this for
the xmms and winamp plugins soon anyway). 

As far as speed of the double->integer sample conversion goes, it's now
tolerable, but it could be further optimised for special cases (I played
around with this for a bit, but didn't see noticable differences, so I
didn't bother - but I suspect the 'common' path of 16 bit signed
host-endian samples is worth further optimising). I tried to get some
profiling data but the results looked completely bogus, so I went to do
other things. 


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