[Tremor] fixed vs float audio performance, lowmem branch, and latest memory leak fixes?

Andy Grundman andy at slimdevices.com
Sat Nov 1 22:50:34 PDT 2008

On Oct 29, 2008, at 6:11 PM, Frédéric Bastien wrote:

> Hi,
> I have see an explanation of the memory leak on the mailing list long
> time ago. So I implemented it and send on the mailing list a patch of
> the fix. I hoped that someone with access would commited it. If the
> last commit is from 2002, nobody commited it. So look in the archive
> of the mailing list for the patch and apply them.
> Who have commit access to the repository? I think it is time to commit
> the patch after so long time. Especially if nodoby complained about it
> and it is a small patch to review. This will prevent this trouble from
> popping from time to time here. Is their any reason that it was not
> commited?
> Here is the link to the message with the patch:
> http://lists.xiph.org/pipermail/tremor/2004-October/001112.html
> this patch don't fix all memory fix, only the one that conserned me.
> So event if it don't fix everything, I don't see why it should not be
> accepted.

It does look like the memory leak patch was committed to trunk and  

However, I just checked our code and the _ogg_free call in  
ogg_stream_destroy is commented out, with a comment pointing to http://lists.xiph.org/pipermail/tremor/2004-April/000965.html 
   This could be a bug in our code, but the way our memory allocation  
works I don't think it matters, as all memory used at the end of  
playback is freed anyway.

Our implementation (Ubicom ip3k embedded system) is based on the  
lowmem branch, but there is still a serious memory problem when  
reading large comment headers.  I'm still looking for a way around that.

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