[theora] NHW new release - bug fix

Raphael Canut nhwcodec at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 22:13:52 UTC 2020


Just a quick message, I have fixed a bug in the last version of NHW because
there could be a segmentation fault for some images.Sorry for the error.

Correction and update on my demo page: http://nhwcodec.blogspot.com/

Else very quickly I find that this last version has now a good balance
between neatness and precision, and I find this visually pleasant, and more
and more interesting, I am currently comparing with AVIF.I'll try to
improve this again, but for example I have a processing that improves again
precision but now it starts to decrease neatness, and so I find results
less interesting... Neatness is still the main advantage of NHW I want to

Also I am (visually) comparing with avifenc with -s 0 setting: slowest
speed/best quality, but ultra-optimized (multi-threading, SIMD,...) AVIF -s
0 then takes in average 15s to encode an image on my computer, whereas
totally unoptimized NHW takes 30ms to encode that same image!... So
extremely fast speed is also an advantage of NHW!

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