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Dave Johnson Games davefilms.us at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 21:33:47 UTC 2018

I think Apple is somehow "attached" to the MPEG group. They control the
"pools" too. Your codec sounds great. Google could -- if they wanted to --
use it but they have Web^M and webP. Look to Asia. Asus has just launched a
new phone. ??

On Mon, Jul 9, 2018, 3:14 PM Raphael Canut <nhwcodec at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I don't have advanced on the NHW Project this past month, but I have
> definitely validated its characteristics and this new version.
> The NHW Codec preserves or enhances image neatness and sharpness, which
> translates that on good quality images the NHW Codec is globally better
> than HEVC, and on degraded (with blur, artifacts) images it is worse than
> HEVC because it lacks of precision. I have made tests on 100 images from
> the Internet.
> The NHW Project still lacks very high compression, and I think now I will
> inspire from HEVC, that is to say, I would like to strongly remove details
> and preserve the contours, edges. It is not that easy to code, and again
> any help would be very very welcome! Again if you can provide any help to
> the NHW Project, do not hesitate to show up, would be so much appreciated!!!
> The NHW codec has a high speed, which makes it a good candidate for
> mobile, embedded devices.There are currently some exploration for a
> MotionJPEG replacement on low power processor (dual-core 240MHz Xtensa LX6)
> where MotionJPEG appears to be too heavyweight.
> With the recent updates, I think the NHW Project is still patent-free and
> royalty-free. And just the fact that it is royalty-free, should be worth
> the try.
> So with this new version, I hope the NHW Project could attract a company
> that would like to sponsorize the project (to adapt the codec to any size
> of image for example).
> Very quickly to finish, I have seen that on the Theora mailing list there
> are employees from big companies.This can be indiscreet and very impolite,
> but for example there are 2 employees from Apple who are on the Theora
> channel mailing list... Does Apple can be interested in such a codec as the
> NHW Project? If not, what does it lack to be of interest? Would you have
> some advice?
> Many thanks again!
> Cheers,
> Raphael
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