[theora] NHW Project - needed improvements

Raphael Canut nhwcodec at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 20:43:49 UTC 2018


As I had many requests, yes that's right I must really adapt the NHW
Project to any image size and rewrite the code properly, proper formatting,
separated functions,... All this is heavily mandatory and necessary to
interest a company, to be of interest to Xiph.org for example, to possibly
become a Xiph project,...

But it requires a lot of time and motivation that I don't have for now.My
idea is from the beginning, to create a good demo version of the NHW
Project for 512x512 size images, and if a company is interested maybe
they'll want to sponsorize me to adapt the codec to any image size and have
professional use.Don't have asked to Xiph, but maybe a company can also
sponsorized me via Xiph.org (non-profit organization)?

Yes, there is a big drawback for the NHW Project, it is !!! ALIASING
!!!........ Don't really know how to correct it for now... As I do not want
to increase file size for now (encoder-side), maybe add in the decoder a
post-processing function that will detect and remove aliasing? Any idea is
very welcome!!!

So again, I know there are major things that prevent the NHW Project from
being interesting, but again if you could try my demo version and found
some interesting things, please do not hesitate to contact me if you want
to sponsorize the NHW Project!!!

Any help is also very welcome!

Many thanks!
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