[theora] NHW Project - some update & call for members

Raphael Canut nhwcodec at gmail.com
Fri May 12 16:06:49 UTC 2017


These last 2 months I have been in contact with a very impressive and
friendly engineer from Intel who has written an article on my codec and the
4-5 new codecs in general that competes with HEVC.He finally answered me
that as Intel is a founding member of the Alliance for Open Media and
chairs several MPEG WG around HEVC, they won't be able to put extra
resources on the NHW Project.So far nothing surprising, Xiph.org was also
not interested in the NHW Project, but the good news is that I told the
Intel engineer that I would like to complete the NHW Project and as Intel
is highly involved in the open-source movement, they will maybe try to tell
me what points need to be improved in my codec, what points are not good
and need to be fixed, which processings I could try in the codec... That
would be so great and so kind from Intel!

I will maybe have some help on how to code good lower quality settings
(high compression) because it is certainly the main task that remains.For
now, I don't have freelance contract to work on the NHW Project so I am not
able to really work on it currently, I think paying an engineer for that
purpose is too expensvie, so I will try to make a (complete) TODO list to
finish the project and give it to the open-source commuity.

First thoughts, there are, coding lower quality settings, better YUV420 2x2
up- and down- samplings, a dozen of (fast) algorithm refinements/tunings,
process on rows and columns for the DWT and suppress image transposition,
some advanced improvements to the compression schemes, and when all that is
done, adapt the codec to any size of image, and then I think the NHW codec
will be completed and ready.

If some few people are interested to give a little of their time, and work
on the project, really do not hesitate to let me know, it would be so
great!!! You are also welcome to propagate the call on other forums,
networks... -It makes me think I have created a Twitter page:
https://twitter.com/NHW_Project -.And yes!, working on the NHW Project is
competitive and challenging, the NHW codec is a new advanced royalty-free
approach with very good results, and who knows, maybe the industry will
realize that AOM AV1 or HEVC are too slow to encode to use it in portable
phones, cameras, tablets and other portables devices and they will maybe
reconsider faster codecs... and the NHW codec is ultra fast, certainly the

Again if you want to join and work on the open-source NHW Project, you are
more than welcome, it would be much appreciated!

For now there is one researcher from India that gives some of his time and
studies directional wavelet transforms in the NHW codec.

Many thanks!
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