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Raphael Canut nhwcodec at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 17:58:26 UTC 2017


No advance for now on the NHW codec, I am still working on a new
quantization scheme to scale down the compression ratios but without
luck... Any advice, idea is very welcome.I will also have to correctly code
the wavelet filerbank and process on rows and columns and suppress the
image transposition (this is for long overdue)... will win few cycles...
there are other parts to speed up (in C for start)... I have also a little
faster binaries compiled with GCC 6.3.0, if someone is interested I will
link them on my demo page.

Else, a good news is that I was fighting againt the lack of precision of
the NHW codec but I have bought a new computer (with Windows 10) and I find
its image viewer quite interesting actually, because it has a good amount
of sharpness/neatness but it reduces/smoothes the imprecisions, and so the
imprecisions become less visible!!! With this image viewer, to my eyes, I
find that the NHW codec has globally the best results (perceived quality)
for mid compression.-So in fact a good part of the work, can seem to be
done by just adjusting the image viewer-...

A last question, I won't lie the NHW codec is very confidential (little
success), I am in contact with few persons (Monty, an engineer from Intel,
a researcher from IIT Bombay,... and I thank them very much) but I would
like to have more attention for the NHW codec.Can the NHW project become a
Xiph.org project? Actually (I have read again the email) in 2012, Monty you
urged me to create a demo page for my codec and you even proposed me to
give me a model of a Xiph demo page to do this.The error I did
(rrrrhhh.......) is that you told me you was very busy and that would be
done the next month, and to train on my side I realized a quick demo page
on Blogger.I showed it to you and you found it good, and you told me to
just keep it and tell on the Theora channel that you encouraged me to do so
(present my work).So 5 years later, can the NHW project finally have a Xiph
demo page? Would be so great and would help me to gain attention for the
NHW project, if not for the whole codec that would be not good enough maybe
for some parts of it, like the new wavelet transform, the new multistage
residual coding, the new compression schemes, some new processings...

Many thanks!
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