[theora] NHW Image codec - subjective quality

Raphael Canut nhwcodec at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 06:20:08 PDT 2013


Yes, that's right, I had the remark that if I say that the NHW codec would
have more neatness/sharpness, this must be also accompanied with objective
measure.But the neatness/sharpness measure is quite complex to define, and

But at classical visual review step, I would find that the NHW codec would
be less blurred (maybe PSNR would like blur?...) with more
neatness/sharpness, with the normal settings (-l2->-h3 settings).Do someone
agree with this? And also, is visual review a good or sufficient method
for "pointing" the advantage of a codec? Would be really interested in the
opinion of the experts on these channels.

Many thanks again,
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