[theora] building libtheora 1.0 on win64

Maik Merten maikmerten at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 23 00:14:10 PDT 2012

Hello there,

if I remember correctly Theora 1.0 used the old VP3 encoder mostly
unchanged, perhaps even with the original header values.

Thankfully you can force Theroa 1.1/1.2 into a VP3 compatible mode, use

This of course means you need to (very) slightly modify your encoding
setup code.


Am 23.10.2012 03:52, schrieb bryandonnovan at gmail.com:
> I have an old conferencing app that uses theora and I'm building it for
> win64.
> libthora 1.1 builds just fine, but libtheora 1.0 has errors related to
> assembly code when building for x64.
> I've tried using 1.1, but the video does not look right --  the clients
> all generate their own first 3 packets instead of sending them over the
> network since they assume they are all on the same version of libtheora.
> I need to either initialize the 1.1 library using the 1.0 mode codebook,
> or somehow get the 1.0 library to build for win64 under vs2008.
> I've googled and seen reference to a patch for win64 builds, but it is
> not in the http://downloads.xiph.org/releases/theora/libtheora-1.0.zip
> that I just downloaded.
> Help?
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