[theora] building libtheora 1.0 on win64

bryandonnovan at gmail.com bryandonnovan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 18:52:02 PDT 2012

I have an old conferencing app that uses theora and I'm building it for

libthora 1.1 builds just fine, but libtheora 1.0 has errors related to
assembly code when building for x64.

I've tried using 1.1, but the video does not look right --  the clients all
generate their own first 3 packets instead of sending them over the network
since they assume they are all on the same version of libtheora.

I need to either initialize the 1.1 library using the 1.0 mode codebook, or
somehow get the 1.0 library to build for win64 under vs2008.

I've googled and seen reference to a patch for win64 builds, but it is not
in the http://downloads.xiph.org/releases/theora/libtheora-1.0.zip that I
just downloaded.

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