[theora] NHW codec - improvement of precision (Daniel Hendrycks)

Raphael Canut nhwcodec at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 06:19:21 PDT 2012


I have just added the source code of my codec on my demo page:
http://nhwcodec.blogspot.com/ .

This version is for fixed 512x512 bitmap color image for the moment
(requires just few minor fixings to adapt to any size of image, and first
one, as image dimensions must be multiples of 4 in both directions, if not
the case, fill with blank or replicate borders...).It has been compiled
under Visual C++... There is also just one quality setting (the one of the
binaries), lower and higher quality settings would require additional code
and processing (but it is not validated for now, there are many
parameters...), so I have removed the quality settings structure for now...

Hope this work could be of interest, if you would have time, any comment
would be really appreciated.

Many thanks again,
2012/6/6 Raphael Canut <nhwcodec at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> Many thanks for your answer.That's right, so I will add the source code
> today on my demo page, and will send a quick message on the channel.Now, it
> is nearly 3 months that I am posting on the Theora channel, I have said
> that I will quickly add the source code (and also when I contacted Monty),
> so now it's time, and it is with really great pleasure.
> I will send the source code of this current version, it is written in C
> code rather quickly (absolutely not cleaned up for now...), so please be
> indulgent!...
> Many thanks,
> Raphael
> 2012/6/6 Jason Self <jason at bluehome.net>
>> Raphael Canut said:
>> > this can be easily corrected.
>> Then please do.
>> > The problem is that my codec is absolutely not finalized (my algorithm
>> is
>> > definitely not good on the 5% of rather compressed and "very blurred"
>> images... > and that's a major drawback...), the source code would also
>> really
>> need to be
>> > cleaned up...
>> The free software movement is not a technical movement. All of the things
>> you've
>> mentioned can be improved, and none are prerequisites to putting it under
>> a
>> proper free [1] license now.
>> [1] http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html
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