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>> I am looking at getting a HD webcam, I am wondering what is the bitrate of them?


>> Can they be used with a 12Mb/s USB ports?

> USB 2.0 (which came out YEARS ago and is supported on anything more 
> powerful that a toaster) supports USB at 480 Megabytes a second. That is
> WAAAY more that 12 Mbps. I even think USB 1.0 is faster than that.

I am looking at using gadgetPC ( http://www.bipom.com/products/us/2899678.html) for a remote (off-line) webcam and radio atmospheric (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_atmospheric) recorder
>It depends on the camera, I suspect. Check the specs.
I have not looked deeply into the HD webcamera range

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