[theora] metadata in video file for distribution in HTML5?

Jiří Navrátil jiri at navratil.cz
Wed Sep 29 05:04:29 PDT 2010


I'm finishing my preparation to distribute video recording from Software Freedom Day 2010 on a HTML5 page with references to video files I had converted thx to ffmpeg2theora to Ogg file with Theora video and Vorbis audio.

I have the video files already converted and I wish to add some metadata to video file (and propably to HTML5 page too?)

I'm thinking about
year, copyright, author, name, description

What is your recommendation about tags I shall use?

Which tool I can use to add these tags to existing Ogg file?

Thank you,

Jiri Navratil, http://www.navratil.cz,  +420 777 224 245

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