[theora] one last audio question

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Mon Oct 25 01:17:11 PDT 2010


2010/10/24 Mark Edwards <mark_f_edwards at yahoo.com>

> one more question - when I use the <audio /> tag in firefox, am I using
> theora or some other native firefox player?  since cortado has an audio-only
> option, i thought that maybe we we were using theora "audio-only" in the
> native <audio /> html5 firefox.
You actually misuse the term theora as an emebedded audio playing solution,
it's a video codec, nothing more.

You have few options for Ogg playback :

- native <audio> for 50% browsers as already said (FF, Chrome, opera)

- Prompt IE users to install chrome frame ( IE6->9)  Or Prompt users to
install dshow Ogg codecs (experimental AX <audio> in IE )

- Prompt mac safari users to install QT Ogg codecs.

- Use Java with Cortado

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