[theora] another newbie question

Mark Edwards mark_f_edwards at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 12 08:53:31 PDT 2010

yes i meant the cortado player - sorry i didnt make this clear!

i am also using the java version in order to make it work on the 
internet-explorer browser, which does not seem to support html5 very well (or 
anything else for that matter)

ben schwartz kindly wrote:  "We might be able to add a more event-based 
interface if that would be helpful to you."

my desire is to be able to trigger another javaScript event as soon as the 
player is finished playing the media.   is there anything i can do that might 
inspire somebody to do this?  :-)

in the meantime, i will investigate the getPlayPosition() method.

thank you all very much,


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On 12 October 2010 08:16, mark <mark at edwardsmark.com> wrote:

> is there a way for the theora player to signal a javascript event when the
> media is finished playing?

If you mean cortado, not currently. There was an intent to make it
more like the html5 media element which does emit an 'ended' event,
but that hasn't happened. Code welcome. :)

You can poll the getPlayPosition() method on the applet and compare
that with the duration of the clip. You might also try the kaltura
player, which IIRC had some javascript to emulate the html5 api over
the cortado applet.

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