[theora] Saw an OGV/Ffmpeg player for Iphone , can you test?

informatique Mille babords informatique at millebabords.org
Fri Oct 8 01:46:15 PDT 2010

hello Stuart and the others.

As we're trying to make our video available to most but don't want to
transcode in 2 formats ( OGV & MP4 ) , does anybody see a new way to play

I found Rockplayer on Android to be okay.

2010/6/16 Stuart Fisher <stuart.fisher at fig7.com>

>  >> hello , I m' not sure there are a lot of Ipad/iphone owners but maybe
> some of you can confirm that this GPL/3$ app can :
> >> - play ogv theora files downloaded from the Web with Safari?
> I don't think Safari on the iPhone let's you download anything that it
> doesn't understand (that seems to be pretty much everything)
> - Play in a browser via <video> ( I doubt ...)
> When I tried to do that SharePlayer popped up a Quicktime screen. Not
> surprisingly Quicktime didn't want to play the clip!
> From what I've seen it's not much good as a theora player anyway. I've
> tried a couple of times to stream files using it's "Direct Media URL" and it
> hasn't really worked.
> I will at some point start porting my little Nokia S60 ogg player to
> iPhone, but that's a long way off (probably six months at the rate I'm
> going). If you want a phone theora player I recommend going on EBay and
> picking up a Nokia N82 and then installing my ogg player. They're pretty
> cheap now and they're a much better camera phone than any iPhone (better
> than the new iPhone 4 for photos, but not as good for video). I should point
> out that my player is currently only in an alpha state and I've got a lot of
> work to do before it can be considered to be a fully usable media player.
> I'm working on it though!

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