[theora] Windows command-line transcoder for Theora

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Tue May 25 23:53:40 PDT 2010

That's a huge deal right there.  That's the first tool I've seen for 
Windows to "easily" create Theora steams without needing FFMPEG, which 
isn't legally distributable in the US due to patent laws.  With such a 
tool brings the possibility of legally freeing video from patent 
encumbered formats without having to first violate patent law to do so 
-- as long as you have a DirectShow codec for the source format (for 
which many legal versions exist, and in many cases ship with Windows).

I'm going to try to contact the author of this, and see if I can 
convince him/her to use a proper Free Software license rather than the 
vauge "/Use of this software is strictly 'at your own risk'.  You are 
welcome to use this version of the toTheora encoder in both free and 
commercial applications/." statement.  I'll also request they post the 
source code, which doesn't presently seem to appear on the site.

If such goals are attained, I'll probably create a PYGTK GUI for it, and 
bundle it in one of the next releases of our FreedomSampler disc.

Tony Lovasco
Twisted Lincoln, Inc.

On 05/25/2010 11:28 PM, Ed Diana wrote:
> Hi All,
> Should anyone be looking for one, here's a DirectShow-based command-line
> transcoder for Theora:
> http://www.eddiana.com/?totheora.html
> It can do basic video transcoding, as well as scale video, watermark video
> with a graphic, grab frame stills, capture from video sources, and perform
> a couple color transformations.
> Ed
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