[theora] [OT-ish] WebM/Ogg VP8 streaming

Christopher Blizzard blizzard at mozilla.com
Sat May 22 16:50:26 PDT 2010

  Just to be clear here, the thing about WebM is that it's always the 
one container format + vorbis + vp8.  I can't remember who said it 
(Monty, maybe?) but someone was working on a VP8 binding for Ogg.  
That's not something we want to support in Firefox because we don't want 
to support a huge number of format combinations on the web.  It's fine 
for other apps, but we don't want a giant testing matrix.

I'm hoping that the icecast guys end up supporting WebM as one of their 
formats.  That would be fantastic, especially if we can have working 
live streams in almost no time.


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