[theora] FLOSS portable media player

Tom Sparks tom_a_sparks at yahoo.com.au
Tue May 18 23:42:13 PDT 2010

--- On Wed, 19/5/10, Ralph Giles <giles at thaumas.net> wrote:

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> Subject: Re: [theora] FLOSS portable media player
> To: "Tom Sparks" <tom_a_sparks at yahoo.com.au>
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> Received: Wednesday, 19 May, 2010, 4:12 PM
> On 18 May 2010 22:49, Tom Sparks
> <tom_a_sparks at yahoo.com.au>
> wrote:
> > the gp2x did well, even though is was a game console
> (i own one)
> The follow-on Pandora handheld game device uses the OMAP3
> chip, so it
> should be able to play back theora with either the arm or
> the TI C64+
> ports. The same with the Nokia N900 tablet, which might be
> easier to
> get a hold of currently. Both of those devices are open
> source
> friendly, although neither is open hardware.
I know about these two device, but they have too much stuff for just a portable media player...



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