[theora] Easy URL for wiph plugin retrieval

informatique Mille babords informatique at millebabords.org
Wed May 12 01:36:08 PDT 2010

hello , I thought a direct retrieval URL for wiph plugins would ease the
deployment for theora/vorbis only broadcasting websites.

let me explain :

- When my website launch a javascript player such as the Kaltura one. but
the javascript cannot find a way to play the theora video because java is
not installed (10% of my visitors, 30% of IE users)  and thus no solution
without installation is available; I would like to automatically propose to
launch a browser to get the right plugin depending on their  platform.

So something like http://get.xiph.org  which would detect the OS through
Useragent and start the download of the right plugin :

- either a DMG for mac ( need to package a .pkg installer )

- or the dschow on Windows

- Linux either for old firefox don't have problems as they have native

it could be even enlarged in the future to show a message to mobile users
explaining their platform don't have support for freecodecs

To resume something a bit like :


A guess some have already thought about this ?
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