[theora] Cannot connect matroska splitter to theora encoder

Cristian Adam cristian.adam at gmail.com
Tue May 11 15:26:04 PDT 2010

On 14/04/2010 11:20, ZEDER Mathieu BU IT&L at bs wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I face a problem trying to encode a mkv file into theora using 
> directshow filters
> I have a mkv file containing only video encoded in YUY2.
> [...]
> The graph I try to create looks like :
> fileReader -> Matroska Splitter -> theoraEncoder.
> When I try to connect theora Encoder to the Matroska splitter the 
> ConnectDirect() method returns an error Code (0x80040207) which is 
> interpreted as
> “There is no common media type between theses two pins”
> And here is the issue : My guess is there should be a common media type.
> When I inspect the different media type the matroska splitter can 
> return (using the EnumMediaTypes method of the pins) I can see :

I just successfully created an ogv file using GraphStudio 
Mike Wasson's Video Test Source 
configured to output YUY2 data, and Theora Encoder 0.82.

Theora Encoder should accept connections as:

You should try to build the same DirectShow graph using GraphStudio. 
GraphStudio can display the media types
of the pins, which is very useful.

Have you tried using IGraphBuilder::Connect instead of 
IFilterGraph::ConnectDirect? it doesn't require to specify a
media type, and it should just work.


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