[theora] Freedom-friendly video hardware community

Jason Self jason at bluehome.net
Tue May 11 08:30:58 PDT 2010

Basil Mohamed Gohar <abu_hurayrah at hidayahonline.org> wrote ..

> Forums?  Not sure how popular web forums are with you folks, but it's a
> tool I almost always use.
> Eventually I'll get mailing lists up as well, but I have to get that
> configured on my server first, and considering I'm planning a server
> upgrade shortly after Fedora 13 is released (next week, God-willing!), I
> might not bother until then.
> Any other suggestions?

IMO, having both forums and email creates a divide between those hanging out on 
the forums and those on the mailing list (they may be the same people in both 
locations but not ncessarily.) So please do one or the other, but not both.

FWIW, my vote is for mailing lists only because it integrates better with my 
workflow but there is forum software that provides two-way integration with 
mailing lists. If you insist on having forums, please at least make sure there 
is two-way intergration between the mailing lists and the forums.

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