[theora] CIET is moving to OpenVideoFormat

Basil Mohamed Gohar abu_hurayrah at hidayahonline.org
Tue May 4 13:12:15 PDT 2010

On 05/04/2010 03:35 PM, narendra sisodiya wrote:
> CIET/NCERT is moving on Ogg format. he is a story
> - http://lug-iitd.posterous.com/how-i-was-able-to-convince-to-move-ncert-for 
> Q - what is CIET ? 
> A- http://www.ciet.nic.in 
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I recommend you implement your usage of Ogg Theora video via HTML5 using
mwEmbed, which you can download here:


Granted, raw HTML5 + Ogg Theora video files will work perfectly fine
with Firefox 3.5+, mwEmbed will greatly broaden the reach of those very
same Ogg Theora video files by extending support to ANY browser that
either has a native video player that has Ogg Theora support that is
integrated with the browser or has Java support.  This means browsers
like IE and Safari can even support Ogg Theora in the browser without
any additional help, and there is a small notice that it can display
encouraging the users to upgrade to Firefox.  And, of course, for
browsers with native Ogg Theora support, it just uses that ability.  It
will even let the user choose between the different methods that their
system supports, if it supports more than one.

I consider this to be the friendliest, most accessible method of
deploying Ogg Theora videos to browsers via HTML5.

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