[theora] Why Our Civilization's Video Art and Culture is Threatened by the MPEG-LA

Basil Mohamed Gohar abu_hurayrah at hidayahonline.org
Tue May 4 11:12:24 PDT 2010

On 05/04/2010 09:46 AM, Tom Sparks wrote:
> --- On Tue, 4/5/10, j at v2v.cc <j at v2v.cc> wrote:
>> i would really like to see a Dirac
>> Pro camera. encoding to theora in the
>> camera seams not the best choice for further editing.
>> j
> I second that :)
> tom
If the intention behind this is to address the concerns raised in the
original OSNews article, the real target codec should be MJPEG, which is
arguably the most "free" from patent threats.  At acceptable bitrates,
e.g., 25Mbps+, at HD resolutions, MJPEG with a good quality encoder does
not look significantly worse than other, more modern codecs, and this is
with a much lower CPU usage.

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