[theora] bad news: IE9 with HTML5+h264

Hannes theora.list at soulrebel.in-berlin.de
Thu Mar 18 03:56:12 PDT 2010

Am Donnerstag 18 März 2010 09:00:55 schrieb narendra sisodiya:
> On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 1:22 PM, dos386 <dos386 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > An IE9-Preview has been shown[1], with HTML5-Support for h264,
> > > mp3 +
> > 
> > aac. No Ogg-Codecs
> > 
> > Exactly as expected :-( How long will it take until FireFox and
> > Opera add H264+MP5+AAC ???
> It depends on patent expiration !

I don't think it does. If Google doesn't do some VP8-magic very soon, 
html5+h264 will replace Flash on major sites in the next year.

Mozilla will add a plugin-system to their browser that allows adding 
h264 manually or they will lose market share. Opera already uses system-
gstreamer on unix IIRC. Also for the big-market of mobile devices it 
should be noted that many hardware vendors have h264-licenses so Opera 
could maybe even use those.

So I really fear that this is not the begin of a format war, but rather 
the last phase…

> PS: is there any place where we can make a rule that every browser
> has to support ogg and odf format otherwise *they* will be sent to
> jail permanently for spoiling digital industry. ;)

Actually you might be able to sue in the European Union, that making 
h264 a defacto standard hinders competition, because it favors big 
software vendors (patent cost cap) and in particular proprietary 
software, because of its distribution model.

Has anyone thought about this? Maybe one could get some allies like 
Wikimedia. Everybody loves Wikipedia ;)


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