[theora] recommendations for web video bit rates

Maik Merten maikmerten at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 15 11:04:50 PDT 2010

On 15.03.2010 15:54, Henri Sivonen wrote:
> Is there a vendor-neutral site for promoting Theora-playback in browsers? PlayOgg.org seems to be about promoting VLC--not in-browser Ogg playing.
> I'd like to see a promo site that authors could point users who don't have HTML5/Theora capable browsers to while still respecting the browser choices the users have already made and without the authors having to maintain browser advice themselves. That is, if the user came to the promo site with a pre-3.5 version of Firefox, the site would show operating system-relevant instructions for upgrading to a Theora-capable version of Firefox. Similarly, users of old Chrome or Opera releases would be instructed to upgrade to new Chrome or Opera. Safari and Epiphany-WebKit users would be instructed to install a Theora decoder. IE users would get a browser ballot-like choice of Firefox, Opera and Chrome. iPhone users would have to get a message explaining why they can't play Ogg.

Actually that's similar to what I had in mind when I registered 
html5-video.net and html5-video.de for. There's currently little content 
in a horrible design/layout (let's simply say design should be left to 
designers). So if there's a chance for a cross-vendor open-video HTML5 
advocation/tutorial site I'd be more than happy to donate those domains 
and contribute to content where I can.


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