[theora] recommendations for web video bit rates

j at v2v.cc j at v2v.cc
Sun Mar 14 05:57:28 PDT 2010


Some time ago i made some encoding test with those settings:
"lq":"--no-upscaling -V 164 -A 32 -c 1 -H 22050 --max_size 200 -F 15",
"web":"--no-upscaling -V 544 -A 96 -c 2 -H 44100 --max_size 400",
"hq":"--no-upscaling -v 6 -a 3 --max_size 1080",

results here: http://firefogg.org/j/encoding_samples/

if we can come up with some good presets i am happy to add those to
ffmpeg2theora -p


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