[theora] Theora and WeBM support in Firefox and Opera

startx startx at plentyfact.org
Wed Jun 30 07:35:49 PDT 2010

On Wed, 30 Jun 2010 06:20:05 -0800
dos386 <dos386 at gmail.com> wrote:

> - "Save page" does "work" ... the result are cca 10 files with over
>   600 KiB of bloat, and the video is not among them. Another WtF award
>   candidate or more likely not at all new "news" ... I did RTFTOS,
> they don't want people to download the videos ... the same people who
>   damn Theora because of "wasting precious resource network bandwidth"
>   pressure people to re-stream the very same video again and again
> every time they want to watch it (and then loosing over 90% of
> frames). But hey, they are the experts, they must know. Of course
> they can't "reliably" prevent people from saving the video, so bad
> hacks like "Atube Catcher" are still needed (don't forget to disable
> great "Convert into WMV feature"). A quick inspection of the content
> showed a large amount of Javascript requesting the video in an
> extremely complicated way, similar to "good old" Flash style, and
> apparently the video exists in WeBM as well as X264 and in multiple
> resolutions.

i might sound weired, but nobody was claiming that youtube is
becoming a creative commons video archive.

the discussions on this list was about the fact that they use an open
video (and audio) codec, nothing more.


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