[theora] Theora DirectShow filters assembly

Olivier Flock oflock2002 at yahoo.fr
Mon Jun 28 01:16:33 PDT 2010

Hello everybody,

I intend to use Theora as a live video codec in
a research project. This project is based on live video broadcast over
a poor/slow link, which means lots of frames lost and low bandwidth.

now, it used XViD codec for video compression, which is a working
solution but a lot blocky. I made some test with Theora and it looks
better in a similar situation.

Now, I would like to make a real
test using all my home made DirectShow filters (10+) in a GraphEdit
pipe. To do that, I need to encode/decode/display a stream using Theora
( to be able to monitor video quality after passing through the
encoder ).

My question is : why is it not possible for me to
connect Theora decoding filter just after a Theora encoding filter ? I
was able to do that with XViD and many other codecs. Aren't encoded
frames directly sinkable by the decoder ?

To resume a simple situation which is not working in GraphEdit, let's image this :

 VideoCaptureSource ( webcam ) => TheoraEncoder => TheoraDecoder => VideoRenderer

Thanks in advance for your help.


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