[theora] theora's encoding speed

Tom Sparks tom_a_sparks at yahoo.com.au
Thu Jun 24 05:38:53 PDT 2010

Is there any way to get better encoding speed out of ffmpeg2theora?

eg: <snip> Duration: 00:57:04.92, <snip> ET: 02:06:24

here is the command:
ffmpeg2theora --soft-target -V303 -v4 -F25 -K25 --croptop 8 --cropleft 2 --cropright 2 -x360 -y288 --deinterlace --aspect 4:3 -H24000 -A56 --optimize "<filename.mpg>"

also the bitrate, 300kbits == 297kb (3 kbit less)

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