[theora] Problem with Chromium

Stuart Fisher stuart.fisher at fig7.com
Thu Jun 17 12:28:56 PDT 2010

It plays fine for me and the audio/video sync is fine too, but I'm not using 
Chrome. I'm looking for as many test files for my mobile phone ogg project 
as I can at the moment, so I gave it a try on my phone. However, it loads 
the first 93 or 94 video frames as normal but it then takes about 10 seconds 
for my phone to find any more. I'd guess the audio/video interleave is 
broken at that point and there is a big section that only has audio data (or 
possibly just corrupt data). Most players will cope with that but perhaps 
Chrome can't.


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I have made a ogv file for testing html5 video using ffmpeg2theora for
Windows. It is available on http://wwsi.edu.pl/video/enigma.html and
http://movies.wwsi.edu.pl/wwsi/small/enigma.ogv . It looks it works fine
in Firefox, Opera for Windows, VLC, mplayer, ffmpegplay, some other Linux
browsers. It fails in Chrome (and Chromium), the video looks very out of
synchronization. I have tested it on few computers. Can anyone tell me
what is wrong with my file? I would be grateful.

Michał Czarnecki
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