[theora] Problem with Chromium

Michał Czarnecki michas at michas.eu
Thu Jun 17 06:42:33 PDT 2010


I have made a ogv file for testing html5 video using ffmpeg2theora for  
Windows. It is available on http://wwsi.edu.pl/video/enigma.html and  
http://movies.wwsi.edu.pl/wwsi/small/enigma.ogv . It looks it works fine  
in Firefox, Opera for Windows, VLC, mplayer, ffmpegplay, some other Linux  
browsers. It fails in Chrome (and Chromium), the video looks very out of  
synchronization. I have tested it on few computers. Can anyone tell me  
what is wrong with my file? I would be grateful.

Michał Czarnecki

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