[theora] Theora video support in Firefox and Opera

dos386 dos386 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 01:48:19 PST 2010

> As for the rest, can't you get even Wikipedia-embedded <video> to work?

no (maybe CPU performance again ???)


Wikimedia files do play for me in Firefox 3.6, although apparently
only (JS off) in the "raw" mode (small 320 x 240 1 MiB example):

[NOPE] http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:135241main_neutronstar4lunch-magic.mov_NASA_WebV_Oct3.ifps15fr15.vbr150.ogv

[OK] http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cc/135241main_neutronstar4lunch-magic.mov_NASA_WebV_Oct3.ifps15fr15.vbr150.ogv


> Please be sure to report any bugs at http://bugs.opera.com/ and we will look at them.

It requires an account

> It's a first alpha version - give them a chance! :-)

I will.

> Are you having sound-related problems?

No speakers connected. And from the testsuite, only 1

RATIO.OGV "pixel_aspect_ratio.ogx" 1'909'943 1.82 MiB
Theora+Vorbis | 28.28 s | 540 Kbps | ffmpeg2theora 0.10.2 | 352 x 288
16:9 25 fps
libTheora 3.2.0 2004-03-17 + libVorbis 1.0.1 2003-09-09

example has sound at all.

> As people tend to try opening files directly to test support, this is
> high up on the list of planned improvements.


Chris wrote:

> > Better not to discuss "usability" of Vista with 233 MHz and 64 MiB RAM:-D
> Heh, yeah.  I wonder if these need to be changed.

The IMHO better approach would be to get it working (in Firefox and Opera) down
to those 233 MHz, even if a 30 fps 1 min movie evolves into a 1.5 fps
20 min movie
then. The priority of the player should be reduced, and the sound suspended as
necessary if the video gets behind the sound. Also frame dropping should be
optional at most, otherwise the effect is "100% CPU used and 0% video visible
on the screen" (same trouble with VLC).

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