[theora] Loseless Video Codec

Philip Jägenstedt philip at foolip.org
Fri Jan 8 04:28:17 PST 2010

On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 09:23, dos386 <dos386 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> P.S. Opera 10.5 just added support for Ogg *thumbs up*
> http://my.opera.com/ODIN/blog/opera-10-5-pre-alpha-build-released-here-is-whats-new
>> Will Opera 10.50 include support for playing Ogg Theora video using the HTML5 video tag?
>> @Petter: Yes, we're working to include it in future builds.
> I can't find ^^^ such info :-|


>> > Could you elaborate on this?  Standard MJPEG is necessarily lossy.
>> Judging by the size and image quality
>> it actually __is__ __lossless__ too (the bitrate setting as no effect). I'm
>> sure ljpeg can be done with mencoder etc too.
> It would be maybe good to make sure that the competitor __IS__
> lossless by comparing the frame bitmaps.

The video has already been captured, so there's no helping my data if
ffenc_ljpeg isn't lossless (which would be a bit surprising, but
possible). But in any case, I have really wanted a tool to verify that
two videos are in fact pixel-identical and perhaps to show visual
diffs. Does anyone know of such a tool?

Philip Jägenstedt

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