[theora] FFMPEG2THEORA 0.26 / BIG Theora testing / BUG in players or Lib

dos386 dos386 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 20:24:43 PST 2010

Thanks to those who answered.

> It plays fine for me in mplayer

What version ??? I tested Sherpya's 2010-01-20

> VLC the has known issues maintaining timing.

Yeah ...

> > but there is a "relict" in the middle. The original file has also a "relict"
> > there but much smaller. FireFOX apparently plays this well.
> Thats not a 'bug'.  The encoder has decided that correcting that isn't
> worth the bits.  It's a poor decision made more likely because of the
> poor decision by some earlier lossy encoder in the chain.

There were indeed other lossy codecs before ... so my "original"
in not "that original" at all.

> The development version of libtheora is much better at avoiding droppings.

The "derf" one recently split from 1.1 ?

> > * Very bad sound from Vorbis codec (not from other codecs)
> I'd not heard of that. Can you provide more information?
> Are you talking about *encode*.

Playing, see above.

> The current development version of VLC fixed an issue where many
> Theora videos would be blurry, but unfortunately it totally broke
> offset handling. Hopefully this is fixed before the next release.

Let's wait for 1.0.6 ...

> Thats how virtually all command line tools work.  Suddenly
> interactively prompting you for a command which is not

I'd prefer some sort of auto-rename + "force-replace" switch
+ "fail-in-worst-case-strategy" but it's not a critical issue.

> A patch to fix 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 was recently accepted onto the
> mplayer development tree.

Good. Will it also output appropriate 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 YUV4MPEG files ?

> Bug: Apache on this server reports the "Content-Type" of this file as
> "text/plain", while the correct value is "video/ogg".
> A quick fix for people that don't have root access to the Apache configuration
> is to add in the same directory of the *.ogv file or a
> parent directory a text file called .htaccess (the file name starts
> with a dot) with the line:
> AddType video/ogg .ogv

I'll try but I don't have too much power there ...

> Pay attention not to overwrite any existing .htaccess file!

No power, no risk ;-)

> To test this, don't trust the information window in Firefox: it will
> always reports the correct MIME type even if the server doesn't.

Interesting. So if it's fixed in should play in Firefox,
if not fixed, it will offer download, right ?

> Does Opera work when this is fixed?

It doesn't work for "mozilla.com" with "getpersonas.ogv"
movie or other pages either.

> (18.876/0.000 => -18.876). Defaulting to 0.066 sec.". It's mostly
> around 12.7, 17.3 and 18.9 seconds. No error messages at all before
> 12.6 seconds (frame 191 or something).

Same for me but it additionally hangs ...

> And my mplayer version does report wrong durations for Ogg videos:
> 1436.62 seconds for this file.

VLC is also bad ...

> The bad colors in VLC seems due to a RGB/BGR mixup or something. I see
> *exactly* the same "hand relict" in mplayer and Firefox 3.6, maybe
> it's more noticeable in VLC because it gets the colors completely wrong?

No, the colors are good on the screen, just the shot is bad. And I see a much
worse "hand relict" in VLC than in Firefox.

I forgot 1 VLC bug:

* Very bad behavior if CPU performance is insufficient to play in real-time

One good thing for VLC:

* YUV4MPEG input format is now apparently supported (IIRC it wasn't
not that long ago)

~~~ wow ~~~

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