[theora] An Open Letter To Google

xiphmont at xiph.org xiphmont at xiph.org
Mon Feb 22 02:18:17 PST 2010

==Silvia and Ivo

We don't know what Google's going to do.  If they release VP8 open
source, that is absolutely a good thing.  Yeah, it muddies the waters
a little bit when things are already chaotic, but that's the kind of
problem you wish for.

Or Google could do nothing with VP8.  Or keep it for commercial
deployment only.  Or something else we don't expect.  This is Google
after all; for all their support of technical openness, they're as
good at preventing leaks as Apple wishes they were.

The only possibility that makes me cringe is if VP8 is released with
an aaaalmost open license that isn't good enough for real FOSS
non-strings deployment.


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