[theora] Suitability for embedded systems

Adam Fullerton adam at ardware.co.uk
Mon Aug 9 14:02:19 PDT 2010


I am looking at using theora for integration into sample code for the 
demonstration of a single chip micro controller. The sample code 
already contains an RTOS, TCP/IP protocol stack and a webserver. The 
micro controller has a video input interface with an external digital 
video decoder (AKM AK8851 fitted to the evaluation board) and a USB 
host controller which can support web cameras. The object would be to 
demonstrate live video through the web server. As I understand it 
playback should be possible on a PC so long as the QuickTime 
components or DirectShow filters are installed.

Is theora suitable for this application?

Has any one had experience of porting the theora codec to an embedded system?

The micro controller is big endian and a quick search of the source 
code for _LIT and _BIG returns no hits. Is the endian of the target 
CPU handled with other defines or has it just been written for little 
endian machines?



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