[theora] Theora player for Nokia Series 60

Stuart Fisher stuart.fisher at fig7.com
Sun Apr 18 14:59:41 PDT 2010

>> Hi Stuart & Theora users!

Hi Timur

>> I used direct and stupid algorithm for scaling :) and hm, it didn't
>> seem to take considerable time deal of whole frame processing.

That's what I'm doing too at the moment, but I've found that it does take a 
huge amount of time. Scaling up from 320x180 to 640x360 is a performance 
killer. I suspect that the main bottleneck is memory bandwidth, but a better 
algorithm would probably help too. If nothing else we could get better 
quality scaling without incurring an additional performance hit. My N5800 
just doesn't have enough CPU power to decode 640x360x24 encoded theora, so 
it's either scale lower resolution clips or re-encode them at a lower frame 
rate. I'm not sure which is the best option, which is why I uploaded 
320x180x24, 640x360x24 and 640x360x12 versions of Big Buck Bunny. Right now 
the lower frame rate version looks much better, but there still isn't enough 
CPU power to decode it perfectly. Hopefully I can improve the performance 
and quality of the scaling code so that will become the preferred option.

>> iPhone hardware is considerably faster, and likely there should be no 
>> problem to decode
>> 320x240 frames at 25 fps even without ARM optimizations. Also forget
>> about scaling there - scaling and any other affine transforms is the
>> work that Cocoa (iPhone GUI framework) will perform perfectly

The 3G is pretty much the same hardware as most S60 phones, so it would need 
those ARM optimisations. The 3GS has OMAP3, so yes you could do without.

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