[theora] Theora player for Nokia Series 60

Timur Elzhov elzhov at gmail.com
Sun Apr 18 13:18:08 PDT 2010

Hi Stuart & Theora users!

2010/4/12 Stuart Fisher <stuart.fisher at fig7.com>:
> I've made a start writing a Theora player for Series 60 phones (mostly Nokia
> phones, but some Samsung and Sony Ericsson ones too).

BTW I used Theora engine for the project TV To Go (Mobile TV channels)
http://togo.tv/eng/ (I wrote S60 version in C++ completely by myself).
However it linked against obsolete libtheora1.0, had 10fps (that was
ok for TV), and I don't support that project anymore, but do that for
iPhone version in Objective-C. iPhone wrapper for Ogg demuxer and
Theora/Vorbis codecs is considerably better tested and fixed than for
S60 version. Unfortunately, seeking is absent at all.

It uses libogg, without liboggz & libfishsound - those projects
appeared a bit later.
Also I used Tremor implementation of Vorbis, which lacks of floating
point arithmetic.
I used direct and stupid algorithm for scaling :) and hm, it didn't
seem to take considerable time deal of whole frame processing.
Decoding itself took much more time.

So, I could help you in some revision of the S60 player's existing
code, and also provide support for iPhone. iPhone hardware is
considerably faster, and likely there should be no problem to decode
320x240 frames at 25 fps even without ARM optimizations. Also forget
about scaling there - scaling and any other affine transforms is the
work that Cocoa (iPhone GUI framework) will perform perfectly.


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