[theora] Theora player for Nokia Series 60

Stuart Fisher stuart.fisher at fig7.com
Tue Apr 13 11:56:52 PDT 2010

> On the topic of scaling, I note that the S60 claims to use the Helix
> system (from Real) for multimedia.  There is existing code for Theora
> playback in Helix on the desktop.  Perhaps that code could be reused here,
> to make use of video scaling hardware and otherwise improve integration
> with the rest of the phone's software.

Nokia phones include Real Player in the ROM, but I don't think they support 
theora. My N82 and 5800 certainly don't. It would make a lot of sense for us 
to try and get Nokia to include the theora decoder in the Real Player. I 
don't know much about Helix, but I guess it is the engine that is used for 
Real Player? According to the Helix website there's supposed to be a 
HelixPlayer for Symbian v3 , but it seems to be a work of fiction as it 
looks like it hasn't been updated in years and there isn't a binary file 
anywhere (I didn't bother trying to see if there was any source).

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