[theora] Theora player for Nokia Series 60

Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Apr 12 13:24:04 PDT 2010

Christopher Blizzard wrote:
> I imagine that the S60 series phones are on a number of processors, 
> right?  Can any of them use the DSP work that David did?

Some probably can.  For example, the Samsung i8910 appears to be an OMAP
3430, which includes the same DSP as the beagleboard, although clocked at
80% of the speed.  However, some definitely cannot.  So far, it seems that
TheorARM beats Leonora for speed on the OMAP3 chips.  Leonora has the
advantage of leaving the CPU free, and might have better power efficiency.

On the topic of scaling, I note that the S60 claims to use the Helix
system (from Real) for multimedia.  There is existing code for Theora
playback in Helix on the desktop.  Perhaps that code could be reused here,
to make use of video scaling hardware and otherwise improve integration
with the rest of the phone's software.


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