[theora] Theora player for Nokia Series 60

Stuart Fisher stuart.fisher at fig7.com
Sun Apr 11 23:42:51 PDT 2010

I've made a start writing a Theora player for Series 60 phones (mostly Nokia phones, but some Samsung and Sony Ericsson ones too).

Download here:

I've been using Big Buck Bunny, Elephants Dream and a few other ogv files for testing. I've uploaded 320x180 versions of those here:

This is the first release (consider it Alpha 1) and as such there are a few issues. The most obvious one is performance. Big Buck Bunny plays ok, but ED is jerky. I've also disabled scaling for now as the performance isn't good enough, so videos will be centered and cropped if they are bigger than the screen. If they are smaller (as they probably will be on phones like the Nokia 5800) they will appear in the middle of the screen. I'll try to get scaling put back in when I can get the performance good enough.

I was going to ask if anyone had done any optimisation for ARM processors, but I've now spotted this project:

So I'm going to take a look at that and see if I can get another optimised version out soon!

Release notes:
Only 4:2:0 encoded files with vorbis are supported. i.e. videos must have a vorbis audio stream (theora only won't play).
Videos need to go on the memory card in a folder called Ogv (i.e. E:\Ogv\). There's no support for streaming at the moment.
Volumes controls on the phone can be used to change the volume. Left and right on the D-pad will work too.
There is no GUI. Just use the red button if you want to quit.
I've tested on the Nokia N82 and Nokia 5800, but it should also work on all other S60 3.x and 5.x phones.

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